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Just Olives News 21.08.2022 | Shop Opening today!

>> Finally, the time has come:

The Just Olives Online Shop is open again!

Dear olive oil friend,

The wait is over: as of today, our shop has opened for the 2022 season.

Secure your freshly harvested premium olive oil directly from the producer in Tuscany until the end of October 2022:

  • The Set of 6 - our Classic Box - is our standard size for a one to two person household.

  • The Set of 12 - for Family & Friends - promises pure enjoyment for all olive oil fans and families. Secure it to prevent the fear of being left high and dry too early before the next harvest. ;-)

  • New this year - the individual quantity enquiry - for all those who, like us, can never get enough of our premium organic olive oil and want to give themselves, family, friends, employees or business partners a healthy and sustainable gift.

If you are unsure about which quantity you should order, you can find our quantity advisor here


New products this year!

We are very excited to share with you one of our innovations in our product range this year. As some of our long-standing customers have probably just noticed: We have removed our set of 3 from our range, which particularly new customers, liked to order as a "tasting set".

As you know, transparency is very important to us at Just Olives and therefore, we would like to give you some insights into this change. Although the set of 3 had some advantages, it has significantly increased the complexity in our processes, and it is also important to note that this batch size is the least sustainable. With the set of 3 we produced almost the same amount of packaging waste as with the set of 6. This is exactly what we wanted to avoid with our campaign concept (which means, ordering your year's supply once a year)!

Analysis of our customer data also showed that many customers switched to a set of 6 in their second year of ordering and some even wanted to reorder during the year because they loved our olive oil so much and were running on empty after a couple of months! We’ve also had customers tell us that they placed collective orders with friends and thus were even taking advantage of our quantity discount.

Therefore, as part of our intensive work in the last few months to realise optimisation potential in our processes, reduce complexity and consistently follow the path of sustainability, we have taken this exciting step. We hope that our all our existing and new customers can understand this change.

We are looking forward to delighting you with the uniquely fresh taste of Just Olives organic olive oil and are firmly convinced that you will love our great organic olive oil as much as we do!


You want more?

As a further innovation, we have added the individual quantity enquiry to our offer this year.

Last year, we had a sharp increase in the number of enquiries from private individuals as well as from shops and companies looking for a creative Christmas gift for employees and business partners. Instead of chocolate and mulled wine, they wanted to give something special, so they opted for a bottle of healthy extra virgin olive oil from a start-up that supports local organic small scale farmers in Tuscany.

Maybe we can convince one or the other employer or entrepreneur of the same idea?! :-)

>> Check it out!


Do you already know?

We deliver your Just Olives organic olive oil to many countries in the European Union, and even offer free shipping to Germany and Austria! You can find more details in our shop under shipping information.


Your small Italian farmers and the Just Olives team are looking forward to your order and to another vintage of excellent olive oil in autumn 2022.

See you around!

Your Carmen, Christian, Cassian and Kate from

Just Olives


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