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Just Olives News 09.07.2023 | Summer at the Olive Grove

Summer at the Olive Grove

Dear Olive Oil Friend,

Our small farmers work all year round with complete dedication and passion to produce a fantastic organic olive oil. Due to a lot of rainfall this year fewer olives are hanging on our farmers' trees. Despite this, the trees are thriving magnificently in the olive grove. The green fruits are ripening and getting bigger. This year the olive fly has not yet been a big issue which is great news. Just in case they are needed later this year, our Tuscan farmers have already stocked up on biological fertilisers, such as kaolin, in order to keep such pests away and enable them to produce premium quality organic olive oil. Incase the olive fly does appear, it is important that the farmers are prepared to react quickly as once an olive is pecked, the decomposition process begins and has a lasting negative impact on taste and smell.

As you may already know, every extra virgin olive oil should smell and taste fruity, and fresh, as well as have a certain bitterness and a warming pungency in the finish.

These three characteristics are as a result of the healthy ingredients in olive oil, such as polyphenols. The more fruity, and fresh, the more bitter, and the sharper your olive oil is, the higher the quality of the olive oil. These three attributes are also responsible for why your organic olive oil from Just Olives tastes so delicious!

So it's the time to order your year's supply of organic olive oil!

Our long-standing customers may have noticed that we have kept our product prices constant in comparison compared to 2022. We have been able to do this despite inflation because we have been achieved further process optimisation potential. We just wanted to share this with you!

Our Organic Olive Oil Products 2023

Your Trial Bottle

1 bottle of our finest organic olive oil - an introductory offer for all

new customers who want to try a truly great olive oil!

Your Set of 6 - Classic Box

6 bottles of our finest organic olive oil - our bestseller,

perfect for couples and connoisseurs!

Your Set of 12 - Family & Friends

12 bottles of our finest organic olive oil - perfect for

your family and friends!

Have you ever brought a bottle of organic olive oil instead of wine

to an event as your thank you gift?

Your Individual Quantity Enquiry

For all those who want to give friends, employees or

business partners a healthy and sustainable gift!

If you are unsure which quantity you should order, then you can find our quantity advisor here.


Sharing is Caring

As the saying goes: sharing is caring!

This year, how about purchasing your organic olive oil supply not just for yourself, but as a joint order with your relatives and/or friends? By doing this, we can all contribute together to the fact that we need less packaging, and thus produce and consume in a more resource-friendly way.


Did you know?

We deliver your Just Olives organic olive oil to many countries in the European Union and to the United Kingdom. We even offer free shipping to Germany! You can find more details in our shop under shipping information.


Your small Italian farmers and the Just Olives team are looking forward to your order and to another vintage of fantastic organic olive oil in autumn 2023.

All the best and see you soon,

Your Carmen, Christian, Cassian and Kate Just Olives


Do you like our organic olive oil as much as we do?

We would be very happy if you could write us a short Google review. New references are very helpful for a small start-up like Just Olives. Thank you very much!


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