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Just Olives News 25.09.2022 | Oktoberfest

>> Excellent olive oil looks good on everyone!

Dear olive oil friend,

It's already the end of September, autumn is approaching and the Munich Oktoberfest is once again thrilling millions of people.

Even though most people prefer to drink beer instead of high-quality olive oil at the Wiesn, there is one thing they both have in common.

Just as with Lederhosen and a Dirndl, it's the same with a really good organic olive oil:

it simply looks good on everyone!

Don't you think so too? :-)

We at Just Olives and our farmers are already in the middle of preparations for the 2022 harvest and panel test, which will take place at the end of October. The Just Olives team will travel to Tuscany again to blind taste the freshly pressed olive oil and select the optimal quality for the Just Olives bottles. As it has been in every year, this is done together with our farmers and the olive oil expert Andreas März.


Have you ordered your supply yet?

If not, then go directly to our online shop. Take a look before our shop closes again on 23.10.2022 and we take the order list to our farmers in Tuscany.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Greetings from Oktoberfest,

Your Carmen, Christian, Cassian and Kate from

Just Olives



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