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Just Olives News 16.10.2022 | Shop Closing on Sunday, 23.10.2022!

>> The harvest is in full swing!

Dear olive oil friend,

Since a few days, the olive harvest is in full swing at our small farmers in Tuscany. Therefore, it is exactly the right time to give you a brief update on your Just Olives Organic Olive Oil.

The still green, young olives look healthy. Nothing seems to stand in the way of a delicious harvest vintage.

We are certainly as curious as you are to see how the fresh olive oil smells and tastes. In a few days we will know more! :-)

If you have not yet been able to secure your year's supply of freshly harvested olive oil or need more high-quality organic olive oil than you initially thought, you can still place your order in our online shop until next Sunday, October 23, 2022.

Just have a look at our homepage!

Directly after the shop closing we will prepare the panel test with the final list of all your orders. In the panel test we evaluate together with our experts the sensory quality of the olive oils. Only the best will be bottled before we send your premium organic olive oil directly to your home.

We wish you already now a lot of fun while enjoying the new vintage and a beautiful autumn time!


P.S.: No Christmas present yet?

No problem!

We guarantee delivery to your home before Christmas! :-)


All the best and see you soon!

Your Carmen, Christian, Cassian and Kate from

Just Olives



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