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Just Olives News 15.01.2023 | New Ideas for 2023

>> New Ideas for 2023

Dear Olive Oil Friends,

It is mid-January and new year 2023 has just begun. We at Just Olives feel hope and anticipation for the upcoming new year, which we are sure will bring many positive developments. And that is also what we wish you, first and foremost from the bottom of our hearts - a successful new year with lots of health and positive energy!

We at Just Olives are looking forward to the new year, especially as we have a lot planned again. In our previous newsletter we told you that we have streamlined the processes and given more responsibility to our farmer Stefano in Italy. We have already started the analysis of the last filling and packaging process with Stefano and have identified some points that we will further optimise in the coming year. So, for us it remains exciting, and we are still highly motivated and confident about the improvements we are making step by step, together with our farmers. Of course, we will keep you informed about all innovations during the year.

In addition, we want to inform you as always with our usual transparency about the things we can do even better. Last year was the first year in the history of our young startup in which we were not able to further increase our sales volume compared with previous year after a very strong start to the season. All the more reason for us to set targeted marketing campaigns for this year, and to be able to take more bottles from our farmers than in previous years.

After all, this is the reason why Just Olives exists: to support our farmers in Tuscany!

To achieve this, we are keen to hear from you, our customers. After all, the most valuable information we can have is the opinion of our customers! So let us surprise you with what we have in store for you in the coming weeks. We are already looking forward to your support to make Just Olives even better together!


PS: Even in the winter months, many great dishes can be prepared and refined with your Just Olives organic olive oil. Whether you use it for crisp salads, antipasti, for dipping with fresh bread, in hearty soups, or delicious oven dishes - your Just Olives Organic Olive Oil is so versatile and there are no limits to your creativity. We are always happy to read from you and to be inspired by pictures of your magical dishes!

Feel free to get in touch with us via Instagram or via e-mail with your favourite dish - because that is and remains our heart's desire: to bring the Dolce Vita from Tuscany directly to your home!


Best wishes and a good start into the year 2023,

Your Carmen, Christian, Cassian, and Kate from

Just Olives



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