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Just Olives News 04.12.2022 | Your organic olive oil is on its way

>> Your organic olive oil is on its way to you

Dear Olive Oil Friends,

We are contacting you today with a nice update on your olive oil from this years 2022 vintage, as your premium organic olive oil from Tuscany is now on its way to your home. In the coming days it will arrive - as promised on time before Christmas!

This year we have changed some things in the process, as already announced in the last newsletters to take into account the increased sales volume, and also to generate more added value for the farmers. In addition, we have had to switch to a new type of bottle at short notice due to delivery problems. Unfortunately, not everything has worked smoothly. This year, we ordered new labels from a producer close to our farmers and also outsourced the filling of the bottles with the label for the first time.

During the subsequent quality control, we noticed that some bottles were not labeled perfectly, there were slight bubbles under the label, and they were slightly damaged when they were put into the boxes. Through rework, much of this could be rectified. However, in some cases, we had to send individual bottles with imperfect labels to you as well. Of course, this has no influence on the content, it is, and remains organic premium quality.

We apologize for these circumstances. At the same time, we find it difficult to make any claims against our farmer who was responsible for the label campaign. In the end, this would destroy our idea for Just Olives. Just Olives exists only for the farmers and to support them.

Of course we will do our best to correct the mistakes, whether they are in the new material or in the process. We also really hope that you will be able to overlook the one or other wave in the label with a slight smile. We would have liked to do without it, but this example also shows that Just Olives is not a large, automated industrial group, but a small startup with a lot of manual work. 😊

On the photo you can see us during our panel and quality test, which we carried out with the freshly harvested organic olive oil in Tuscany at the end of October.


We wish you a wonderful pre-Christmas season and above all a lot of enjoyment with the high-quality organic olive oil that is in the bottles!


All the best!

Your Carmen, Christian, Cassian, and Kate from

Just Olives



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