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What quantity of olive oil is right for you?

A little help so that you can better estimate your annual demand!

Olive oil tastes best and contains the most healthy ingredients when it is fresh and not older than a year.

Therefore, it makes sense to estimate how much olive oil you consume per year and how many bottles you would like to give to your loved ones! After all, there is hardly anything better to give as a gift than a great "Just Olives" bottle with high-quality and particularly healthy organic olive oil! ;-) 

So, what is the right amount of olive oil for you?


Based on official statistics about the average consumption of olive oil in Germany and feedback from our customers, we can recommend the following: 

In addition to all other cooking oils, a person consumes around 1-1.5 litres of olive oil per year. Statistically, that would be three bottles per person. However, we have to warn you: many of our customers contact us after only two to three months and ask us whether we still sell olive oil, because they have already used up their olive oil. Our aim is to offer you only top quality. That's why we only deliver your year's supply directly to your home once per year, and that's exactly when it's at its best, directly after the harvest. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver anything during the year. We can tell you from experience that for most of our customers who live in one or two person households, our Set of 6 is best suited, because Just Olives olive oil quickly became a daily part of their kitchen and they can no longer imagine doing without it.

6er Set_square_small frame.png

If you are particularly keen on healthy nutrition and cooking together with family and friends, or if you are looking for a creative and sustainably produced gift for your loved ones, we recommend that you go straight for the Set of 12 which has the best price-performance ratio.


We promise that you will fall in love with your "Just Olives" organic olive oil, and it would be a shame if you ran out of your delicious olive oil long before the next harvest. We know one thing from our own experience; once you have tasted a really freshly harvested, high-quality organic olive oil, you will certainly not want to run to the supermarket again ;-)

12er-Set_square_small frame.png

In addition to our fixed standard sizes, we also offer you the option of sending us an individual quantity enquiry (upwards from 25 bottles), for all those who, like us, can never get enough of our premium organic olive oil and want to give themselves, family, friends, employees or business partners a healthy and sustainable gift.

If you have further questions about your order quantity or would like to estimate your consumption with our help, we look forward to hearing from you. 

Your Carmen, Christian, Cassian and Kate from

Just Olives

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