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Just Olives News 30.10.2022 | Successful panel test 2022

Dear olive oil friends,

Today we did the panel test for the 2022 organic olive oil from Just Olives. We are so excited about this year's olive oil and can't wait to share the great smell and taste with you all.

On 30 October we met in Tuscany to taste the olive oils of the small farmers blind as usual. Together with our olive oil expert Andreas März, we were able to see for ourselves that again, this year, top quality olive oils have been produced. Andreas März confirmed that none of the oils we tasted had any sensory defects. In particular, the oil from our farmer Stefano that we have selected for Just Olives this year, has a very complex aroma and a pungent taste.

In Tuscany, 2022 was characterised by a cold spring, extreme drought in summer and a very warm autumn. Currently we have between 24-26°C during the day. This means, it is great that the olive harvest does not have to be interrupted due to rain, however, less good that the olive fly is multiplying and damaging the olives.

What luck that our farmers have hurried with the harvest, and have already harvested and pressed almost everything.


Thank you once again for your support for our small Tuscan farmers and the preservation of the cultural landscape in Tuscany!

We wish you a beautiful warm autumn Sunday and look forward to your feedback on the 2022 olive oil vintage!


Best wishes

Your Carmen, Christian, Cassian and Kate from

Just Olives



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