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Just Olives News 29.08.2022 | Summer Greetings

>> Thank you very much for the fantastic shop opening!!!

Dear olive oil friend,

Thank you very much for the fantastic shop opening!

We really didn't expect this: after only one week we have sold more organic olive oil than last year. Thank you very much from our side and as well from our Tuscan organic farmers for this great start!

Chris is already looking forward to the new harvest of fresh, organic olive oil from Lamporrechio in Tuscany!

The current balmy summer nights invite us once again to a relaxed barbecue evening with friends. A delicious caprese with Just Olive's organic olive oil is a must, of course, and consumption is high.


What happens in the olive grove during summer?

Our farmers work diligently to produce the best product, your Just Olives organic olive oil. This year they have to fight not only the extreme weather conditions, but also the olive fly, which "pecks" the olives and triggers the decomposition process of the olives.

Just like last year, our farmers are again passionate and dedicated to take the best possible care of their trees and fruits.

Therefore, the green fruits continue to ripen and grow bigger and bigger. So now is the time to order your year's supply of organic olive oil.


What should you pay attention to when buying olive oil on holiday?

Maybe you are travelling in the south and your year's supply of olive oil has already been used up?

If so, please pay attention to the following when buying: every extra virgin olive oil should smell and taste fruity and fresh, as well as have a certain bitterness and a warming sharpness in the finish.

These three characteristics are due to the healthy ingredients of olive oil, such as polyphenols. The fruitier, the fresher, the more bitter and the sharper your olive oil is, the better the quality. These three attributes are also responsible for why your organic olive oil from Just Olives tastes so delicious! So it's best to wait for the current harvest and calculate your year's supply a little larger this time. ;-)


We are looking forward to a wonderful late summer season and of course to the harvest season of 2022.

Summer greetings,

Your Carmen, Christian, Cassian and Kate from

Just Olives



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