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Just Olives News 14.12.2021 | Your olive oil is on its way to you

>> Christmas greetings and exciting news

Dear olive oil friend,

Christmas is a time for reflection, as well as for enjoyment. Therefore, as friends of first-class extra virgin olive oil, we especially want to enjoy the delicious Christmas season and say a heartfelt Thank you to you at the same time.

Your fantastic olive oil is on its way to you

Our three farmers Daniele, Giacomo and Stefano were again able to produce an excellent olive oil despite a poor harvest, which was unfortunately about 30% lower than average years due to the dry summer.

If you have placed your order of freshly harvested olive oil from us this year, your waiting is finally over: your order is now on its way to you and should arrive within the next few days. In the meantime, you may even have received your tracking number via e-mail. :-)


Annual target achieved: Just Olives continues to grow

With your help, we were able to purchase 784 bottles of olive oil from our farmers this year, which is a 50% growth compared to last year.

In line with this positive development, we have now also changed the form of our company and have founded Triple C - Just Naturals UG (limited liability) in order to be able to grow further.

This way we can continue to support the farmers in both their and our common cause of the heart and grow larger together - like the olives grow larger on the tree.

Our farmers cultivate their olive groves with so much passion and joy throughout the year and care for the trees. And that's exactly what you can taste in every drop of your Just Olives olive oil!


Merry Christmas! Indulge under the Christmas tree

Especially at Christmas, many great dishes can be prepared and refined with your Just Olives olive oil. Whether it is for crisp salads, antipasti, for dipping with fresh bread, in hearty soups or in delicious oven dishes - your Just Olives olive oil is so versatile and there are no limits to your creativity.

We are always happy to read about your experiences and the dishes you have conjured up with Just Olives. Because that's exactly what we're passionate about: bringing the Dolce Vita directly to your home and straight under your Christmas tree.


Now we wish you, your family and your friends a wonderful and enjoyable Christmas. We are already looking forward to the new year 2022 with you and to more exciting news about olive oil.

All the best and see you very soon!

Warm greetings,

Your Carmen, Christian and Cassian

Just Olives


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