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Just Olives News 08.10.2023 | Autumn Greetings

Dear Olive Oil Friend,

The sunny days of October are still very warm and sometimes even make us sweat during the day. At the same time, it's obvious that autumn is here again. The leaves are slowly turning colourful, it cools down considerably in the evenings, the windows mist up early and morning dew covers the meadows. Day by day we are approaching autumn - and thus harvest time again.

This is also the case in the sunny hills of Tuscany. This weekend the olive harvest starts again for many farmers, the preparations have already been running at full speed for a few days. An exciting time for every farmer, as it is precisely the time to reap the rewards of a year's hard work.

And it was a hard year this year. Giacomo, for example, spoke of very heavy rains during the flowering period in May/June, resulting in some trees not bearing any olives at all. However, he was able to protect the remaining olives from the summer heat and the olive fly with kaolin, a natural product extracted from the earth. These olives look very good, so everyone is already looking forward to tasting the fresh olive oil after the harvesting work is done!


Have you already ordered your organic olive oil supply for the new season?

No? Then it's time to stock up again for the coming year! You can order your year's supply of freshly harvested organic olive oil in our online shop until Sunday, 22 October. You are also guaranteed to get it delivered directly from Tuscany to your home before Christmas - without any price explosion and at the usual top quality! This is because we have decided not to raise our prices, contrary to the current trend of inflation. This is possible as we have carried out fewer marketing campaigns this year than initially planned. We would like to pass this on to you.


Do you know?

We deliver your Just Olives organic olive oil to many countries in the European Union and to the United Kingdom. We even offer free shipping to Germany! You can find more details in our shop under shipping information.


We look forward to receiving your order and will keep you posted as usual when we go to Tuscany for the panel test at the end of October!

Autumn greetings, Your Carmen, Christian, Cassian and Kate

Just Olives


Do you like our organic olive oil as much as we do?

We would be very happy if you could write us a short Google review. New references are very helpful for a small start-up like Just Olives. Thank you very much!



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