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Just Olives News 08.10.2022 | Autumn in the olive grove

>> Autumn greetings from Tuscany

Dear olive oil friend,

Slowly the leaves on the trees are turning into beautiful colours and it becomes much cooler. Autumn is here and with it, of course, the harvest season is approaching.

Our olive growers have been very engaged throughout the year and soon they will be able to bring in their harvest. The mill is already planned to start this Monday!

While the olive fly is currently still under control, unfortunately the summer was extremely dry again this year, with no rain for several months. Unlike last year, when there was generally little fruit on the trees, this year some trees are hanging very full, while other trees next to them bear almost no olives.

Did you know that an olive tree yields on average only about 6-7 kg of olives, from which, about only one liter of extra virgin olive oil can be pressed? Calculated by hectare, that's just 50-60 liters of extra virgin olive oil. This means that the production costs of the pure olive oil alone, without packaging, logistics, and distribution costs, are significantly higher than the price level you know from the supermarket. This is just one more reason why high-quality olive oil cannot be offered at discount prices.

Photo: Olive variety - Frantoio


Have you already ordered your olive oil for the new season?

No? Then the time has come to stock up again with your annual supply for 2023!

However, we can reassure you, that while firewood is currently in short supply everywhere and can hardly be obtained, you can still secure your annual supply of freshly harvested olive oil until October 23rd conveniently in our online store. We also guarantee that you will receive it before Christmas, directly from Tuscany to your home, without any price explosion and at the usual top quality!😊


How about a very special Christmas gift for your beloved ones this year?

We guarantee a delivery before Christmas directly to your home!

>> For my beloved ones


Your Carmen, Christian, Cassian and Kate from

Just Olives



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