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It's worth being quick!

The first to order will receive two great gifts!

We have come up with two freemiums for you this year:


An olive leaf tea from our farmer Giacomo and a virtual olive oil tasting with the founders of Just Olives.


With these gifts we would like to give you even more incentives than ordering the “Early Bird” early and giving our farmers as much planning security as possible in this difficult year for the Italians!

Your olive leaf tea

That is why the first 30 orders in 2020 from Just Olives will receive a homemade olive leaf tea from our farmer Giacomo's farm shop for free .


In this way you get the Mediterranean feeling in your teacup too!


Only strong, fresh leaves from young shoots of the olive trees are used for your olive leaf tea, as they carry maximum vitality.


These are picked by hand with great care and love and gently dried at approx. 40 ° C for 24 hours.


Your virtual olive oil tasting


In addition, we have created an exclusive, virtual olive oil tasting for the first 50 orders in 2020 , which takes up your questions about the topic of “high quality olive oil” .


For this purpose, the founders of Just Olives will personally take you on a culinary olive oil journey into the world of liquid gold - in the comfort of your own home .


You can find all details about this tasting on our flyer.


If you would like to find out more about your freemiums or if you have any further questions about extra virgin olive oil, then simply contact us at .

Your Carmen, Christian and Cassian from

Just Olives

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